Unified back-office as a solution for your transportation needs

Fits is a neutral software back-office platform that connects a variety of road traffic sensors together and enables efficient and reliable data processing to improve capabilities of Traffic Authorities, Law Enforcement and Traffic Management Centres.

Designed for:

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Public Authorities

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Toll-road operators and system integrators

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Traffic Management Centres

Computer Vision

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Traffic Safety and Security​

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Road Pricing and Tolling​

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Traffic and Infrastructure Management​

Unique capabilities of Fits.

Our back-office supports hardware solutions from industry leading suppliers, such as Siemens, Vitronic, Sensys Gatso, Kistler, Telegra, Vaisala, Mobotix and Swarco. And we are always open to expand the list and integrate any other equipment too.

Unified back-office

Innovative software technologies

Automated data collection

Automated data processing

Platform's benefits​

FITS benefits 1

Cost efficiency and reduced complexity

FITS benefits 2

No need to maintain multiple back-office systems

FITS benefits 3

Speed of deployment

FITS benefits 4

Improved reliability and decreased downtime

Data protection

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