Operational back-office for road-side ITS equipment transnational monitoring and management within Baltic Road E67


The Latvian State Roads performs the management of the state road network, administration of the State Road Fund and organisation of public procurement in order to provide the public with a profitable, durable, safe and environmentally friendly state road network. Maintenance and development of parish, company and household roads are supervised, as well.

The challenge

Efficient road network is a key to economic activity and mobility of people and goods. While basic road infrastructure (road surface) was modernized on the E67 transport corridor in Latvia and Estonia, traffic information systems needed considerable improvements to facilitate passenger safety and to ensure efficient and environment-friendly cargo transportation.

The solution

SMART E67 project aims to increase efficiency and safety of passenger and cargo mobility in the Central Baltic region by introducing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) on the E67 transport corridor – a key transport corridor in Estonia and Latvia (North-South direction). The project was implemented in close cooperation between Latvian State Roads and the Estonian Road Administration.

dots. was responsible for the delivery of the central ITS management platform to Latvian State Roads. Fits. back-office solution would connect in a unified fashion Variable Message Signs, Road Weather Stations, Traffic Video Monitoring Points, Traffic Lights to enable efficient and automated traffic operations on the corridor whilst ensuring the traffic data exchange across the corridor in a Datex II supported format.

The outcome

Implementation of Fits.hub back-office enabled Latvian State Roads to unify multiple ITS sensors into a single management platform, this capability ensured that the project goals were met. For example, average travel times across the corridor decreased, traffic safety was increased, and vehicles generated less emissions. Within Ex-Post analysis it is now known more precisely that:

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