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Fits.hub is a web-based traffic and infrastructure management back-office system that enables efficient monitoring and management of a complete fleet of roadside ITS equipment.

The system is enriched by AI to capture traffic flow data and is designed in a way that allows integration into existing environments.

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Overview of Fits.hub use-cases

FITS Monitoring of Roadside ITS equipment

Fits Hub back-office for monitoring of roadside ITS equipment

Fits Hub enables traffic management centres and toll-road operators to improve maintenance processes and operations of road-side equipment by having a unified platform that automatically detects sensor faults or anomalies.

Where's the value?

Sensors like weather stations, VMSs, traffic lights, video cameras and traffic detectors are integrated and observed via a single location which contributes to providing a better overall service to road network users.

Fits. management and automation of VMS

Fits.hub back-office for management and automation of VMS

Fits Hub makes it possible for traffic management centres to manage and automate variable message signs on the roads. Back-office provides deep level monitoring capabilities as well as an overview of the status of the VMS network.

Where's the value?

The biggest value can be gained when VMS is combined and integrated with equipment like weather stations and speed cameras, which enable a connected operations experience that decreases the amount of manual work.

Fits.hub back-office for traffic flow monitoring

Fits Vision enables traffic management centres to capture road traffic flow in an intelligent and accurate manner. 
Where's the value?

We can leverage your existing camera infrastructure to make it more intelligent and use it for traffic counting, traffic classification and even provide data to create origin and destination information.

Fits Hub back-office benefits

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Policy makers

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Traffic managers

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Back-office system users

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