Implementing automated parking control and enforcement back-office


Established in 2003, Rigas Satiksme is a limited liability company owned by the city of Riga and works in three areas: supervision of the united public transport network (trams, trolleybuses and buses), passenger transportation services and management of 5,000 parking lots. It currently employs 4,100 people.

The challenge

In the past, Rigas Satiksme parking officers had to engage in a number of manual activities to check parking payments: from revising parking payments to filling in and tracking all post-payment notifications. These were time-consuming processes and reduced the efficiency of parking officers, increasing the duration of the inspections and the number of human errors. An automated solution was essential so as to control and visualise the routes of parking officers, in order to revise parked vehicles in real-time and, in case of violations, to provide immediate printing and tracking of post-payment notifications.

Spes dashboard view

The solution

A unified solution was created for parking officers and operators. It involves a mobile app with a connected thermal printer that allows officers in real-time to check whether the owner of a vehicle has or has not paid for parking. 

This system is used to issue and print out post-payment notifications and forward them to the relevant owner. The cloud-based solution means that data is automatically sent to the operators’ web platform, where the operators can monitor and manage the activities of parking officers, analyses performance and statistics, organise routes, and generate reports.

The outcome

The automated parking control solution has helped to reduce the number of human errors, three-fold increase the efficiency of processes, and ensure real-time availability of data. An interactive map shows where each parking officer is and how efficiently the relevant tasks have been performed. Along with far fewer manual activities, parking officers have increased their inspection coverage three times over. This system makes it possible to use the available resources more effectively, expand the territories that require supervision, and increase the frequency of inspections without increasing the number of parking officers.

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