Operational back-office for road-side ITS equipment centralized monitoring and management


The Latvian State Roads performs the management of the state road network, administration of the State Road Fund and organisation of public procurement in order to provide the public with a profitable, durable, safe and environmentally friendly state road network. Maintenance and development of parish, company and household roads are supervised, as well.

The challenge

The Latvian State Roads focuses on three fundamental principles: sustainability, mobility and technological advancement.

In order to boost the road users’ safety and effectively advance the road environment state authorities sought ways how to achieve these goals as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Unfortunately, problems originated due to outdated systems that were too expensive to replace and difficult to improve. A large amount of unsorted (raw) data gathered manually from mutually independent systems caused uncertainty in operations and errors in decision making.

The solution

dots. designed a solution, in which all road-related sensors (road cameras, traffic lights, weather stations, variable message signs, traffic counters, weight-in-motion etc.) were centralized, monitored and managed from one complete system for 24/7 and in real-time.

The outcome

As a result, the Latvian traffic system management has been updated, modernized and automated according to today’s standards. For road authorities, it means a unified system for data transparency, reduction in manual work, agile sensor maintenance and rapid and quick replacement of the outdated sensors. For road users, it means a better managed road and a safer environment with fewer hazards.

For road authorities it means:

For road users it means:

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